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NORWALK – It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention and one Norwalk man’s use of a truly motherly invention has not only rescued him from bankruptcy it is now providing him with a solid income and an exciting future.  When Ross Marker lost his job as a manager at a local music store last year, his life quickly became a nightmare.  His wife, Holly, was eight months pregnant and the bank was moving in on their condo.  Then one day, while watching his ample Holly breastfeed their newborn son, Marker had a novel idea: Why not sell human milk products?  Marker figured there was a primal appeal about it and that with the right marketing people might just swallow it.  And boy, have they ever.  Marker sold his first bottle of Holly’s Finest six months ago and it’s been a steady flow of business ever since.  Last month, with the addition of a dozen other women employees, his Hooterville Farms sold five hundred bottles of Mother’s Milk, and Marker is now in talks with Whole Food Markets about carrying his complete line.  His latest offerings include: Chiniqua’s Aged Cheddar, Brenda’s Buttery Spread, and Maria’s Mamtastic Mozarella.


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