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BEVERLY HILLS – Fluffy, a three year old Pomeranian pooch with a chocolate brown eyes and a congenital heart condition, has been on life support at the Green Hills Animal Hospital for several months, but people are questioning how much longer Fluffy’s life should be artificially supported.  Fluffy’s half owner, Jesus Santana, has asked for the plug to be pulled because he claims that’s what Fluffy’s wishes were prior to her loss of consciousness.  Fluffy’s other half owner and Santana’s ex-wife, Maria Soldana, feels that Santana is just being cheap and she has enlisted PETA in the fight for Fluffy.  The real plot thickener here though is Santana himself.  He is the host of the hit T.V. show Speak to Me, a program that features Santana’s ability to speak to animals.  Fluffy has apparently told Santana that the vet is just keeping her alive so he can run up the hospital bill.  Santana’s lawyers filed suit to have the care terminated and are seeking monetary damages for mental anguish.


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