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Casual Fridays

Who needs clothes?

Who needs clothes?

LOS ANGELES, CA – Casual Fridays- the option to dress casually at work on Fridays – has become a fairly common business practice, but several U.S. companies are rethinking “Casual Fridays.”  The L.A. based Michael Alex Sportswear company ended the practice because some employees had simply become too casual.  Alex Michael, the company’s President, decided two years ago to drop his requirement for “professional attire” on Fridays but he made the decision to restore it recently based on the actions of several employees.  Apparently some in shipping had been coming to work in their underwear and the bookkeeper wore her stained bathrobe to work two weeks ago.  One employee, Blanca Lopez, asked for the change when she discovered that her cubicle mate, Irving Schwartz, had stopped wiping his ass on Fridays.   The smell got so bad she could no longer do her work.  Some of the other casual Friday behavior included: not brushing teeth, not using tampons, not flushing the toilet, and just plain not working.


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